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The Paradigm Shift in Media: From Factual Reporting to Sensationalism

BY GREG SCOTT The transformation of the media landscape in recent years is profound, marking a significant departure from traditional journalism’s foundational principles towards a more sensationalist and speculative approach. This change reflects a broader cultural and technological evolution, deeply influenced by the rise of digital media and the subsequent shifts in content consumption habits….

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Barry Gough & Commerce Drives History

Listen to renown Historian Barry Gough discuss the dynamics of how commerce shaped and directed relations and development of relationships in British North America. The fur trade between the Hudson Bay Company (HBC) and indigenous peoples played a significant role in shaping the history of North America. It was a complex economic system that had…

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British Columbia History & Statues

Judge Matthew Baillie Begbie, also known as the “Hanging Judge,” was a prominent figure in the early legal history of British Columbia, Canada. Born on May 9, 1819, in Mauritius, Begbie eventually became known as one of the most influential judges in the province’s history. Begbie began his legal career in England, where he was…

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